International Artists Centre

In September 2001 El Hadji Mansour Ciss, Sculptor and painter has founded the Laboratoire Déberlinisation, an artistiv project aiming to implement a North-South dialogue.
The laboratory's objective is to crystallise a fruitful cultural dialogue through actice research and experiments by artists of the North and the South using modern as well as traditional instruments.

Therefor El Hadji Mansour Ciss created Villa Gottfried, a lively and active place in N'Gaparou (Senegal), a village located at the Petite Côte, 70 km from Dakar between Sally and Somone.

At the biennial Dak'art 2002 Villa Gottfried was officially inaugurated with the exhibition Facies by artists Baruch Gottlieb, Christian Hanussek and Mansour Ciss.

Invitationcart for the exhibition Facies


Villa Gottfried offer a cultural programme with workshop, conferences, multimedia exhibitions and other activities. The house disposes of two large exhibition spaces and six rooms to accommodate the artists in residence.
It is open for cooperation with international cultural institutions, with the national ministries of culture and education in senegal and those of other countries.
The aim of Villa Gottfried is to strengthen dialog and understanding between the cultures on the basis of indivdual or collective initiatives, which bring together people of the most divers backgrounds and contexts in the spirit of mutual appprenticeship. The logical approach of both Villa Gottfried corresponds in the aspiration to explore new ways of cohabitation and efficasy against exclusion and discrimination.